The doll test

I’ve recently found a test, nicknamed the doll test which tests the hidden racism existing within children from ends of the ranges of skin color. It reveals shocking things about how numerous are the results leaning towards discrimination by skin tone. It may reveal embedded racist behavior in the society or the environment where the kid lives.

It basically consists of putting a child with 2 front of him. One doll will have a light color with general beauty features as they are considered for the countries with light skin dominance (such as blue eyes, etc) while the other doll had a dark skin color (more or less the tone of color dominant in Middle African countries). The kid will then be asked a series of questions, which can be :

“Which doll do you prefer?” , “Which doll is the nice doll ?” , “Which doll is the bad doll?” , “Why is that doll nice?” , “Why is that doll bad?” , “Which doll is the ugly one?” , “Why is it ugly?” , “Which doll is the smart doll?” , “Which doll resembles you the most?” …

The terrifying results show that both “white” and “black” kids show an act of discrimination and embedded hate towards the doll with the darker skin tone. Attributes like good, smart, beautiful would generally label the “white” doll and when the kid is asked “why is it (smart/beautiful/good)?” the kid innocently says “because he (is (white/light-colored))/(has blue eyes)”. This might not be too shocking for the people who got used to seeing parents teaching their kids wrong about humans with the other skin tone, or think most environments present the “white” as ‘superior in comparison’. But what shocked me is the hate they have for the darker toned doll. Both variance of skin toned kids connoted the dimmer toned kid as (bad/ugly/…), showing a most likely learnt behavior amongst the children with african origins. This shows that racism not only is spread by the “white” racists but also by the dark-skinned humans who were affected by this split of humanity. Dark kids would refer to the dark doll as ugly then when they’re asked which doll resembles them they refer to the same doll.

This is the consequence of our human idiocies, children of both skin tones are being taught that dark skinned people are bad, when of course they should have been taught that when what you’re born with is directly part of your identity, but it doesn’t define if you are good of bad.


Rule-chain or Freedom

[Non freestyle]

The quality of a word might not need to exist
If your demand to improve thoroughly rushes.
I may spend hours trying to match these verses
But starting off simple makes it better built.

You love seeing the lines, totally filled
I love going abstract, starting somewhere
And word by word finishing elsewhere
Every sentence in a way, nicely stirred


And what points have these facts
As they have chained us in fact
Give us but weighted backs
Gaining a way to stop our hack?

I love it when the verses start so high
Then they gradually decrease in size
As they go for freedom of disguise
Where they can shuffle in a way so nice?


This day of my life should be stamped
Where I felt so happy with the blessing I’m given
And my heart now lights up like a lamp
Patience if well used feels like a stair to heaven

Now my brain has been freed up from most disturbance
And I feel like I should cry happy tears
We humans are weak, we swirl at annoyance
Unless we know what should be our fears

Nested is  our  life
Joy fills  the  heart
We must be a hive
And not tear apart

I still feel sad that politicians make theater plays
And criminals dear not to stop weaking masks
When will someone act like the hero
Someone who wants people grow away from zero


As you read this seemingly long sentence your eyes roll
You       my      brother,     you     start     feel    so     bored
As if you’re just mindlessly checking a poll
And      you      think       :      “Nothing new!”

Well I agree,  I try to   rhyme  the words  so hard
It   bores   me   to   find   what   logically  rhymes
But I care less because most things needs a start
Whether  long or short   that it  musn’t fall apart

And I care less, wheter people like
this poesy or want to  tear it  apart
After      all,      I      try        not    to    strike
A dead mountain which is useless to hike

But  you  think  no  way,
The  words  rhyme okay
I surely can’t coordinate
the words  unless vague

And now you think : oh no
His   words    start    to    go
Senseless      and      useless
And   of    almost   too   low

But   at   least,   if   you   read
All   the    way   to   this   part
You      show      know      that
We should stop wasting time

And we  must  start  to   think
To          end         this         link
Between us and wasting time

Better Rhymes

Never, should I think about
The remains of that sound
That beeped  in my ears

This long poetry of clouds
of turning in many rounds
Like spinning gears

Oh, and the sun rises
But then falls down
And the moon dissapears
Every round

But I’m happy, personally
I’m no more in clockwise rounds

Now the clock ticks differently
And that just sounds

Like amazing to my heart gone to sound.