The Misguiding Thought

[Non Freestyle]

You might keep thinking of the past
Careless  about  what happens now
Careful  to make  the memories last
You nearly sell your “see” for “saw”

But   how long  does  the  past  last
It  will  unexpectedly  goes  by fast
Buzzing  your ears,  to  think  of  it
If you choose not to return and sit

[Free style]

But what does the present hold?
But  the  unreal   human  “must”
What  next  should  not  be  sold
What for the ending now of lust

The   present   never   held  a “some”
This fictitious layer that humans love
The  future,  the  place  for  the  sum
This   blessing    is    that  to  think  of