Facebook and Wasting Time

It seems to me that one of humans’ worst facts is their wasting of time. Some waste time sleeping more than they need, others waste it on 1000+ episodes of Conan. Many watch useless tv shows and there are even worse ways people waste time. I’m not here to be a devil and detail more ways to waste time, I’m here to make you feel guilty if you ever did so. In this post I’ll just try and make facebook users guilty (don’t hate me after this please).

To facebook lovers

I’ll assume (and be gentle with numbers) that you spend an average of 50 minutes on facebook a day. Let’s say you’ve been a facebook addict since 2012. Search google : “Days since january 1 2012”. It says at this current date where I’m writing this : 2033 days. Now, multiply 50 minutes by 2033, you get 101650 minutes of your life wasted on facebook. Alright I’ll be more precise : 101650 minutes on facebook means nearly 1694 hours on facebook NONSTOP. Or more scaringly 70 days of your life, with no other idea but facebook.

I hope you don’t hate me after this, but people need to be conscious of this. People are being very unproductive due to this issue. I hope you enjoyed reading !