Be the lookfree mind

They look at you, for your color and rights
They care less, if you’re one of those sides
And you ask yourself if they look at hearts
Or they just prefer to keep on their barks

Never get your heart
Close to their darts
Leave them and start
denying this clart

try to tell them “we still match”
if they say “we should detach”
stay away and try to reach
the others with better speech









The doll test

I’ve recently found a test, nicknamed the doll test which tests the hidden racism existing within children from ends of the ranges of skin color. It reveals shocking things about how numerous are the results leaning towards discrimination by skin tone. It may reveal embedded racist behavior in the society or the environment where the kid lives.

It basically consists of putting a child with 2 front of him. One doll will have a light color with general beauty features as they are considered for the countries with light skin dominance (such as blue eyes, etc) while the other doll had a dark skin color (more or less the tone of color dominant in Middle African countries). The kid will then be asked a series of questions, which can be :

“Which doll do you prefer?” , “Which doll is the nice doll ?” , “Which doll is the bad doll?” , “Why is that doll nice?” , “Why is that doll bad?” , “Which doll is the ugly one?” , “Why is it ugly?” , “Which doll is the smart doll?” , “Which doll resembles you the most?” …

The terrifying results show that both “white” and “black” kids show an act of discrimination and embedded hate towards the doll with the darker skin tone. Attributes like good, smart, beautiful would generally label the “white” doll and when the kid is asked “why is it (smart/beautiful/good)?” the kid innocently says “because he (is (white/light-colored))/(has blue eyes)”. This might not be too shocking for the people who got used to seeing parents teaching their kids wrong about humans with the other skin tone, or think most environments present the “white” as ‘superior in comparison’. But what shocked me is the hate they have for the darker toned doll. Both variance of skin toned kids connoted the dimmer toned kid as (bad/ugly/…), showing a most likely learnt behavior amongst the children with african origins. This shows that racism not only is spread by the “white” racists but also by the dark-skinned humans who were affected by this split of humanity. Dark kids would refer to the dark doll as ugly then when they’re asked which doll resembles them they refer to the same doll.

This is the consequence of our human idiocies, children of both skin tones are being taught that dark skinned people are bad, when of course they should have been taught that when what you’re born with is directly part of your identity, but it doesn’t define if you are good of bad.